401(k) Plans

BFF Financial's innovative and industry-leading approach to assisting on your 401(k) plan combines a relatively low flat-fee for our services and will introduce the plan’s fiduciary(s) to their available options on outsourcing fiduciary obligations and liabilities to other third-party professionals.

These outside fiduciary-level partners will not only take on most of your on-going responsibilities to the plan, but in doing so will decrease your fiduciary liability and dramatically reduce your time commitments to the plan. If you are interested in taking less fiduciary risk, spending less time managing your plan and potentially saving money in meeting your fiduciary obligations… you should allow BFF Financial to provide you with a complimentary evaluation of your 401(k) plan.

The benefits to working with BFF Financial on your 401(k) Plan:

  1. Reduce your 401(k) Plan's investment management costs
  2. Dramatically reduce your Fiduciary liability
  3. Eliminate wasted time & headaches of dealing with your 401(k) Plan
  4. Recapture staff time and let them focus on building your business

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