Asset Protection & Risk Management

Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is primarily about implementing legal strategies designed to protect and preserve your “estate” (i.e. assets) from potential creditors, bankruptcy and possible future divorce.  Asset protection planning is increasingly important in today’s litigious world.  If you’re worried that someone may “get” to your assets, we can assist in creating a strategy to allow you to sleep well at night knowing your assets are not ripe for the taking. 

Often asset protection planning is implemented where there is a belief that using insurance to protect yourself is insufficient.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

A big part of keeping your dreams alive is making plans to protect your financial situation and that of your loved ones.  We believe that sound planning includes building a strong base of financial security in the event of your premature death, disability or illness.  We will assist you in evaluating and providing guidance in choosing the coverage that is right for you, including utilizing the group coverage available through your business/employer (if applicable.)

The risk transfer tools we assist with includes:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Our Next Steps

Planning without at least some modeling to show and compare the differences between strategies is just guessing.  Planning without proper implementation is inviting failure.  Even a mediocre plan with proper implementation will beat the best plan that is poorly implemented.