Proactive Advisor Magazine: Thought Leadership in Comprehensive Wealth Management

July 13, 2022

BFF Financial's Lead Wealth Strategist & Chief Economist, Brad Creger, was featured in the Cover Story of the July 13th, 2022, issue of Proactive Advisor Magazine entitled "Thought Leadership in Comprehensive Wealth Management."  Brad is recognized by his peers for his past contributions to estate planning and trust law as he is considered the "father" of Springing Special Needs Provisions which are now considered a "must have" dispositive language inclusion in any trust document in order to ensure a child or grandchild who later suffers from an accident or an illness isn't unintentionally disinherited.  Proactive Advisor Magazine recently interviewed Brad to highlight his current innovative and disruptive approach to the current structure of the 401k plan.  Creger's approach is an open-architecture format which delivers professionally managed accounts to participants, eliminates most all fiduciary liability for the Plan's fiduciaries and gives back hundreds of hours of staff time typically wasted dealing with the day-to-day administration of the 401k plan.   All of these benefits can typically be realized at the same or sometimes a lower total "all-in" cost to the plan and its participants when compared to what they are currently paying. 

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