President/CEO of BFF Financial, Inc., Brad Creger, On Asset Protection

May 17, 2016

Brad Creger, author and President/CEO of BFF Financial, Inc. relates the personal experiences that have led him to value and implement proper disability planning as part of every well thought-out financial plan.

GLENDALE, CA., May 17, 2016: President/CEO of BFF Financial, Inc., Brad Creger, posted a new article on his website entitled, “Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset” in which Creger discusses the important role of disability insurance in sound financial planning.

Creger writes, “Now that tax season is over, we turn our attention to other financial priorities.”  He continues adding, “Some of us own income properties and income-producing investments, but for most Americans the tax bill was mainly derived from wages.  I ask a simple question… what do you consider your most valuable asset?”

Creger pursues the question further asking, “Is it your house?  Your business?” He acknowledges that, “Most people intuitively understand that although these assets are “valuable” – they are not your most valuable asset.”  “For those still working,” says Creger, “the ability to earn an income is our most valuable asset.”

According to Creger, “Many people would be unable to pay their bills, care for their family or save for retirement if their income were to stop.”  He adds, “Many have also heard that the risk of becoming disabled is much greater than the risk of premature death.  This is true but the statistics are interesting.”

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About Brad Creger

Brad is currently the President/CEO of BFF Financial, Inc., an independent diversified financial services firm with their main offices located in Glendale, CA.  He is also the co-author of The Soul of Success with Jack Canfield and Uncommon featuring Brian Tracy.