Experience Independence with BFF Financial

At BFF Financial your ability to provide truly comprehensive and independent advice as an advisor takes on a new dimension of freedom and flexibility, along with the increased capacity to focus on what you do best—serving your clients with objective financial guidance.

Why Partner With Us?

Whether you are a financial advisor or a licensed CPA or attorney, partnering with BFF Financial means you enjoy true independence and the freedom to make decisions that support your business goals.

Whether you join our team as a valued employee or are seeking an exciting opportunity to run your own independent practice with BFF Financial serving as your OSJ (office of supervisory jurisdiction), we provide a forward-thinking climate built on advocacy and shared support. We empower you to:

Be independent. You retain complete ownership of your book of business—the equity you build is yours alone. You may also keep your own branding or affiliate with our firm’s brand. We encourage you to conduct business in a manner that reflects your own vision and ideals.

Take charge of your own future. We provide a culture of energy, growth and best practices—all the ingredients necessary to build a foundation for lasting success and take your financial practice to the next level.

Represent your clients’ best interests. You are free to recommend services and strategies that meet the unique needs of your clients and their families.

Rely on our service commitment. We provide support in the areas of advanced case design, technology, compliance, marketing, practice management and general operations. This commitment begins immediately, as we help you create a transition strategy and assist you in all facets of your transition experience.

Expand your knowledge. We conduct Advanced Case Design training for all advisors who affiliate with BFF Financial. We also encourage and facilitate ongoing education and training at local and national conferences, events and seminars, and strive to expose you to some of the top industry minds.

Strength and Stability with Centaurus Financial

The financial advisors at BFF Financial, Inc. as well as those advisors who are in BFF's Advisor Network are affiliated with Centaurus Financial.  Please click here to learn more about joining Centaurus Financial or visit www.centaurusfinancial.com.  


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