Investment & Wealth Management

Investment Planning Process

With our proprietary Investment Planning Process we assist you in identifying your investment objectives, evaluating your risk tolerance and analyzing your current portfolio.  

With this information, we help you determine the appropriate asset allocation that’s right for you as well as exploring the various alternative investment strategies that are available that could help you meet your individual needs and goals.

We do not have a predetermined investment approach that is used with all of our clients as everyone’s situation is unique unto themselves.

Investment & Wealth Management Details

After a complete and thorough analysis and based on your own individual preferences (not ours), we will then recommend specific investment strategies to fund your investment plan. 

We also seek to maximize your accumulation through appropriate account aggregation and proper tax reduction strategies. 

We will review your investment portfolio for tax efficiency including: 

  • Control Timing of Taxes
  • Tax-free or Reduced Cost of Rebalancing
  • Proper Asset Location
  • Lower Turnover Ratios
  • Minimize Pass-through Gains
  • Understand Tax Cost Ratio
  • Reduce Tax Drag

Our Next Steps

Planning without at least some modeling to show and compare the differences between strategies is just guessing.  Planning without proper implementation is inviting failure.  Even a mediocre plan with proper implementation will beat the best plan that is poorly implemented.