Our Process

Simplifying The Complex™

At BFF Financial we strive to simplify complex ideas into easily digestible concepts such that our clients can understand their options and make good financial decisions for themselves and their family.

We also tend to think of your assets and wealth a little differently than most other financial firms.  We think about assets not solely based on what they are, but rather we equally consider what they are for.  And no matter how complicated they are or how simple, no matter how large or how small… you can put your assets into one of three (3) buckets.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

If you think about it, the above described three (3) bucket concept is a simple explanation of what “comprehensive” wealth management is supposed to deliver.  Specifically, you should have clarity on each of these buckets (and how you are filling them) as well as which strategies you are employing that are designed to improve, optimize and/or maximize your investments and/or other assets placed into each of these buckets.

To borrow an analogy from the construction world… BFF Financial first acts as a financial “architect” and completes a comprehensive wealth management assessment in order to provide you with a written plan (or “blueprint”) outlining our observations about what could be improved, as well as our recommendations to address what was discovered. 

After the plan is agreed upon with the client and your assets have been assigned to the correct bucket, BFF Financial will then act as a “general contractor” by coordinating and overseeing the services of other experts and professionals such as the client's CPA, attorney, TPA, banker, etc.  BFF Financial will also assist directly when it comes to implementing the tax, insurance and investment needs of our clients.

Wealth Management SOS™

Our Wealth Management SOS™ (or Second Opinion Service) is designed for you if you are presently unsure which of your assets are in each bucket, or if you do not have an up-to-date "blueprint" to follow.  Simply put, if you’re not sure what your assets are for (i.e. which bucket they’re in)… you’re probably also wondering if you’ve done everything possible to improve, optimize and/or maximize the assets that are allocated into each of these three (3) buckets.