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Our Philosophy

"The solutions are ours, the decisions are yours."

Our mission at BFF Financial is to educate, empower and motivate our clients while helping guide them through their life’s financial journey.  Our number one goal is to partner with and assist our clients in retaining, safeguarding and increasing the personal financial independence they have worked so hard to attain.


BFF Financial does not claim to be all things to all people.  We typically work with high-net-worth business owners, professionals, executives, retirees, fiduciaries, athletes and entertainers.  By limiting the number of clients we serve, we develop a detailed understanding of the unique problems and opportunities that each of our clients face.  This translates well into our mission to help you achieve your goals across the entire financial spectrum.


BFF Financial is an organization of Wealth Strategists who specialize in identifying and resolving complex estate, business transfer, and retirement & investment problems.  Specifically, we look at all areas of your financial life and pull them together in a cross-disciplinary manner with the goal of meeting your financial security and asset preservation needs and objectives.

“At BFF Financial, we want to help you plan for your future. Working together, we can focus on your hopes and dreams… and plan for the BEST of your life.”

Educational Approach with Tailored Solutions

You will find that working with BFF Financial is a distinctive experience.  We do not deliver a prepackaged set of ideas, solutions or financial products.  We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make timely, informed decisions about your financial future.  Each of our custom financial plans is designed to help meet your unique goals, needs, circumstances and objectives.  The benefits of our planning process is quickly apparent as you will enjoy a greater understanding of the impact of various options so you can be better positioned to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Long-Term Relationships

Your relationship with BFF Financial doesn’t end once we complete our initial work and you have implemented your plan.  Given today’s complex and ever changing tax laws and because your personal situation and objectives are not static, the plan you develop today will rarely meet all of your needs in the future.  By periodically meeting with you, we will analyze any changes in your financial situation, evaluate their impact on your current planning, and recommend alternatives as necessary.  This often-ignored step is critical to help ensure the long-term benefit of the planning process for you and your family.