Private Family Wealth Office

BFF Financial does not claim to be all things to all people.  By limiting the number of clients we serve, we develop a detailed understanding of the unique problems and opportunities that our clients face. This translates well into our mission to help you achieve your financial and non-financial goals across life’s entire spectrum.

Distinctive Guidance for Significant Wealth

Athletes & Entertainers

Whether you’re in your peak earning years or winding down your career, your unique situation can often benefit from a fresh perspective or second opinion. All too often athletes and entertainers have found themselves less well-off than what they believed themselves to be. These surprises can be financially and emotionally devastating, especially when the discovery is at or near the end of one’s career. It doesn’t really matter whether financial mistakes were made by oversight, missed opportunities or poor execution, the all-too-often devastating results are the same. You owe it to yourself and your family to determine if your current team of advisors has missed something. Let BFF Financial provide you with a confidential, no-obligation review of your entire estate, business and wealth management planning. Schedule an Appointment

Business Owners

You’ve built a successful business and now you’re wondering how to best transition to what’s next in your life. Whether you’re considering passing your business/practice to family, a current business partner or an outside party, the most tax-efficient exit plan can often take multiple years to plan and properly execute. We can help you evaluate your options, assess your financial readiness and create your own individualized plan designed to help you maximize the value of your business for you and your family. Schedule an Appointment

Executives & Retirees

Whether you’re nearing retirement or already enjoying your retirement, we can help you develop and/or improve upon your distribution and income planning strategies which are designed to maximize your “take home” pay. By exploring all of your available options to reduce taxes, investment fees and other unnecessary costs that can negatively impact your current and future standard of living; we can help you towards your goal to maximize and preserve your desired lifestyle throughout your retirement years. We will also address delivering your remaining assets in the most tax-efficient manner to who you want, when you want and on your own terms. Schedule an Appointment

Medical, Dental & Other Professionals

You are operating a successful professional practice but might be wondering if there is more you can do for yourself and your family on a tax-favored basis. Whether you’re in a solo practice or within a large group, we can help you evaluate your options, assess your financial readiness and create your own individualized plan designed to help you maximize the value of your practice for you and your family. Schedule an Appointment

Women Investors

Life happens, and suddenly you’re single and it’s all up to you. You need a trusted partner to lean on and help you through the uncertain times of a major transition. At BFF Financial we believe family comes first, and we serve our clients as if they were family. If that's not what you're looking for in a financial advisor, then BFF Financial may not be your Firm. On the other hand, if family is as important to you as it is to us, then we would like to invite you to come in and allow us to provide you with a second opinion on your wealth management planning. Schedule an Appointment

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