Private Wealth Coaching™ - Second Planning Session

Here’s what your Private Wealth Coaching™ Second Planning Session looks like:

Second Meeting (usually no more than 120 minutes):

  • Review and analyze your estate planning documents to determine and outline if your documents are consistent with your stated goals.
  • Review and analyze the tax reduction planning you have in place. This includes suggesting strategies to avoid unnecessary taxation and improve your accumulation planning.
  • Review and analyze your current insurance coverages, including suggesting ways to improve coverage and/or reduce costs.
  • Review and analyze your investment portfolio using Morningstar and other tools to uncover hidden risk and/or unnecessary investment fees. We then will provide some suggestions that might help improve your accumulation planning and/or net income received during retirement.
  • Give you an easy-to-follow, short-term written action plan (such as a 30-day and/or 90-day action plan) that fits within your long-term goals.