Retirement Plans & Employee Benefits

Today’s business owners and corporate executives want less, not more.  Specifically, they want to spend less money, waste less time and take less personal risk (as a Fiduciary) when it comes to their company's retirement plan and other employee benefits.

As a Plan Fiduciary you have the highest level of responsibility to your plan’s participants, yet the day-to-day demands of running your business may often prevent you from being fully engaged with and understanding all of what is required of you within your plan’s documents, under the law and by the regulators.  More importantly, Plan Fiduciaries often do not have the time nor the desire to stay on top of every new development, plan offering and/or industry trend as it relates to your retirement plan. 

Whether you’re a fiduciary managing your company’s defined benefit plan, cash balance plan or its defined contribution/401(k) plan, let BFF Financial introduce you to a better way to manage your company's retirement plan and other employee benefits. 

BFF Exclusive: 360º Fiduciary-Centric™ Plan Design

When a plan sponsor delegates their plan's administration to a professional 3(16) administrator and also brings in additional “outsourced” fiduciaries to select funds for the plan we call this a 360º Fiduciary-Centric™ Plan Design.  This modern plan design allows your plan’s financial advisor to properly focus their energy solely on the retirement readiness and education of the plan’s participants.

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BFF Exclusive: Fiduciary Statement of Plan Management® or FSPM®

The Fiduciary Statement of Plan Management® (or FSPM®) annually documents for the Plan Fiduciaries the practices, procedures and processes that they have followed in administering the plan, managing the plan's vendors and details how they have delivered on their own fiduciary responsibilities to the Plan and its participants. 

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CEFEX Certification

CEFEX Certification

Learn how our clients benefit from the CEFEX certification.  The CEFEX certification ensures that the advisor has prudent fiduciary practices in place and a culture of excellence, supported by documented and structured processes.