Stress Testing Your Variable Annuity

Annuity Report™

Annuity Report™ is a specialized consulting service offered through BFF Wealth Management designed to give pre-retirees and retirees (or their advisors) a better understanding of the variable annuity products that they currently own.  We use several sophisticated tools including our own proprietary “stress test” software to complete a personalized detailed report designed to give the variable annuity owner an in-depth understanding of their existing annuity contract, its fees and the often-complicated living benefit and/or death benefit riders.

Our proprietary annuity “stress test” software also includes our exclusive Annuity Drain Rate™ Analysis as well. Our “drain rate” analysis will show how the combination of income withdrawals and the fees charged against your annuity contract affect the contract values over time. The amount of fees paid each year are driven by various market conditions which, over time, may potentially have a negative impact on the total benefits that you can expect to receive from your variable annuity.

Our “stress test” and “drain rate” analysis has shown that in the event of a market correction or bear market, some variable annuity owners may have to choose between having either a lifetime income for them self (and possibly their spouse) or to suspend their income in an attempt to preserve the death benefit for their heirs.

Sample print out:

To learn more about how Annuity Report™ can help you better understand an existing variable annuity contract, please visit the Annuity Report™ website.

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