Tax and Legal Professionals

We at BFF Financial have worked with many very competent and capable tax and legal professionals over the years. 

The tax and legal professionals who have earned their spot on BFF's “Team of Advisors” list(s) regularly receive referral inquiries from advisors at BFF Financial or from within BFF's Advisor Network.

If you're interested in partnering with BFF Financial and joining our "Team of Advisors" to provide your independent legal or tax services to BFF Financial clients please give us a call or send us a note using the button below.

For Those Who Want to Add Financial Services

For those tax and legal professionals who have financial licensing (or are considering obtaining your licensing) to provide investment management and/or insurance services, we can offer you additional opportunities to join the BFF Financial team.

Strength and Stability with Centaurus Financial

The financial advisors at BFF Financial, Inc. as well as those advisors who are in BFF's Advisor Network are affiliated with Centaurus Financial.  Please click here to learn more about joining Centaurus Financial or visit  

Call us directly at 1-888-908-4BFF or fill out this simple form to learn more about joining the BFF Financial Team.