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Thought Leadership

BFF Financial’s founder, Brad Creger, has consistently contributed to the financial services industry as a thought leader and has co-authored two Amazon best-selling books.

Brad has also been seen on TV and in numerous publications including:

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Brad firmly believes that a financial advisor MUST question the “why and how” of any subject matter that may impact his clients’ lives. Essentially, a financial advisor must always “think for himself” and continue to stay informed on the markets, economy and the various financial products that are being continually developed and refined.

Further, an advisor must develop a detailed understanding of how each of these financial products’ features and benefits are designed to work in order to address client problems. A “general” knowledge of how a specific financial product or investment strategy works isn’t sufficient as addressing and resolving financial challenges is a blend of both art & science as every client situation (while familiar) is unique.

“Most importantly, a financial advisor should never dismiss an entire class of investment tools (or product line) merely because these financial products may not be available through his/her firm.”

Limiting your product offering may imply that you and your firm either will not be able to resolve every client situation or will not provide investment strategies that fit their particular situation.

The REAL question an investor must ask themselves… does your specific current situation warrant the continued use of the investments and other financial products that are currently being used? Said differently, could a different approach potentially yield better results?

While it is easy to justify NOT having the time to meet with someone “new” regarding your finances especially when you feel that you’ve already taken care of it… your financial health should demand a little extra attention. In other words… you owe it to yourself and your family to get a “second opinion” from time-to-time.

Please understand that exploring alternative perspectives and differing opinions on your wealth management planning may reveal a small mistake, an oversight or a missed opportunity that could have a substantial impact on your future financial situation.

Learn more about obtaining a “Second Opinion” from BFF.

Since his early days in financial services through today, Brad Creger has maintained his commitment to not only providing comprehensive wealth management and treating clients more like family (rather than just a source of income); but he is also committed to pushing the financial services industry forward through his thought leadership.

To this end Brad and BFF are currently innovating in the areas below:

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