Wealth Management Services

Targeted Planning Services

Although our planning approach is comprehensive in nature, the specific problems which bring our clients through our front door tend to be more specific and targeted in nature.  Most people understandably focus on the most pressing problems facing them at that moment and realize that it is a good idea to seek professional assistance with these issues. 

Very seldom do people initially seek a review of their entire finances.  Why?  They either fear the time commitment or they believe they have it already covered.  So, as we focus together on your most pressing problems, BFF Financial will also provide you with a comprehensive review of your entire situation to look for mistakes, oversights and/or missed opportunities.  Not only is it wise to seek to save money anywhere you can, but finding these extra dollars might help in addressing your current financial challenges as well.  Schedule a Meeting.

Targeted Planning Services for Individuals

Targeted Planning Services for Business Owners

Comprehensive Wealth Management

BFF Financial will provide you with a written evaluation of your living trust documents, most recent tax returns, insurance coverages and your investments.  The money that we could potentially save you in unnecessary taxes, lower insurance premiums and/or lower investment fees could be saved and invested; or spent, thereby increasing your standard of living. 

Even small mistakes, simple oversights and/or a few missed opportunities can compound over time thereby costing you and your family thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  No matter how confident you are about your current financial planning... a second opinion review can help make sure you and your family are on the right path.  Schedule a Meeting.

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