What Makes BFF Different?

BFF Financial’s founder, Brad Creger, firmly believes that a financial advisor MUST question the “why and how” of any subject matter that may impact his clients’ lives. Essentially, a financial advisor must always “think for himself” and continue to stay informed on the markets, economy and the various financial products that are being continually developed and refined.

Can Your Finances Be Improved?

The REAL question an investor must ask themselves… does your specific current situation warrant the continued use of the investments and other financial products that are currently being used?  Said differently, could a different approach potentially yield better results?

Second Opinions Are Important

While it is easy to justify NOT having the time to meet with someone “new” regarding your finances especially when you feel that you’ve already taken care of it… your financial health should demand a little extra attention. In other words… you owe it to yourself and your family to get a “second opinion” from time-to-time.

Please understand that exploring alternative perspectives and differing opinions on your wealth management planning may reveal a small mistake, an oversight or a missed opportunity that could have a substantial impact on your future financial situation.