What We Do

BFF's Private Family Wealth Office

Our clients have access to what is commonly referred to as a Private Family Wealth Office which is typically available only to ultra high-net-worth families.  BFF Financial delivers to everyday investors a high-touch, and truly comprehensive approach to assisting you in managing not only your family’s wealth today but we also provide wealth transfer and estate planning services to ensure the proper transition of your wealth.  We take the lead on your behalf to coordinate and oversee the numerous relationships that touch upon your “financial life” including your CPA, attorney, bankers, managers, agents, etc.

Information Overload vs. Objective Advice

In today’s world, obtaining investment and other information is easy.  However, choosing the investments opportunities and insurance coverages that are right for you and your specific situation is much more difficult.  Why?  It takes more than access to information to make “informed” decisions. 

At BFF Financial we specialize in identifying and resolving complex estate, business transfer, and risk mitigation issues as well as minimizing current and future income taxes while implementing retirement and investment solutions.  Specifically, we have the experience and insight to look at all areas of your financial life and pull them together in a cross-disciplinary manner with the goal of meeting your financial security and asset preservation needs and objectives. 

BFF Financial Serves as Primary Advisor

BFF Financial strives to quickly earn the position of “primary advisor” in our client’s minds thereby making us their “first call” for any questions or concerns when they’re considering any important financial and/or non-financial decisions.

The majority of our clients are not looking for a financial product “vendor” to help them purchase investments and insurance products, but rather a partnership with a cross-disciplinary advisor to provide them with the appropriate counsel, advice and guidance relative to their unique circumstances in order to help them arrive at the best possible financial decisions for themselves.