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Who We Serve

Private Family Wealth Office

Our high-net-worth clients have access to what is referred to as a Private Family Wealth Office. BFF Financial delivers a high-touch, and truly comprehensive approach to assisting you in managing not only your family’s wealth but also the numerous relationships that touch upon your “financial life” including your CPA, attorney, bankers, managers, agents, etc.

BFF Financial strives to quickly earn the position of “primary advisor” in our client’s minds thereby making us their “first call” for any questions or concerns when they’re considering any important financial and/or non-financial decisions. The majority of our clients are not looking for a financial “vendor” to help them purchase financial products, but rather a partnership with a cross-disciplinary advisor to provide them with the appropriate counsel, advice and guidance relative to their unique circumstances in order to help them arrive at the best possible financial decisions for themselves. Read More.

Retirement Plan Fiduciaries

Today’s Plan Fiduciaries want less, not more. Specifically, they want less demands upon their time, less day-to-day responsibility for managing their plan and less personal risk for being involved.

Whether you’re a fiduciary managing your company’s defined benefit plan, cash balance plan or its defined contribution/401(k) plan, we can help you alleviate the unnecessary fiduciary risks (i.e. your personal liability to the plan) as well as reduce the time spent by you and the investment management fees paid by your plan by assisting you in outsourcing many of your on-going plan management and other fiduciary responsibilities to competent outside professionals. Read More.