Your Annuity Report™

Stress Testing for Your Annuity Contract

Your Annuity Report™ is a specialized service designed to give investors or their advisors a better understanding of the annuity products that they currently own. We use several sophisticated tools including our own proprietary “stress test” software to complete a detailed report designed to give annuity owners (or their advisors) an in-depth understanding of their existing annuity contract, its fees and the often-complicated living benefit and/or death benefit riders.

Our proprietary “stress test” software was initially developed to help a new client better understand how their existing variable annuity would respond if/when our financial markets go into correction and/or bear market territory. Because our client was looking to continue receiving BOTH a lifetime income and an inheritance for their children from their existing variable annuity assets, it became very important for them to better understand how their guaranteed income and the guaranteed death benefit riders actually functioned together.

To learn more about how Your Annuity Report™ can help you or your client better understand an existing annuity contract, please visit the Your Annuity Report™ website.

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